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Literacy Together provides one on one private tutoring to students of all ages. Based on the initial assessment of a student’s learning level, I customize our lesson plans. The plans are specific to each student and tailored to empower them with reading and writing skills. I use a combination of informal and norm-referenced assessments to chart the progress of my students. This helps me understand what they may be learning quicker and what areas they need more help with.

I am certified to recognize the profile of strengths and weaknesses in students with dyslexia or other reading challenges. However, I am unable to medically diagnose dyslexia or other disabilities. As a result, this is where informal assessments come in to fill the gap and meet our students’ needs. The assessments consist of a carefully chosen combination of recognized tests that provide extensive information in a short period of time. I learn why a student has been struggling and I can then develop a plan to address learning difficulties. 

I conduct informal assessments in seven key assessment areas:

  1. Phonemic awareness: I test their ability to manipulate sounds

  2. Decoding: I test their ability to break words apart

  3. Sight word knowledge: I test if they can recognize high-frequency words automatically

  4. Reading fluency: I measure their speed and tone when reading

  5. Reading comprehension: I test their understanding of the meaning behind what is being read

  6. Spelling Skills: I test " sounding out" and their knowledge of common spelling patterns rules

  7. Written expression: I measure them being able to express one’s thoughts coherently and in a correct structure on paper).

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