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A child that is having a hard time with reading shows the following characteristics: 

  • doesn't like school

  • emotional distress and low self-esteem

  • mispronounces words

  • omits words while reading

  • dislikes reading

  • ignores punctuation when reading and writing

  • reads word by word with a choppy and almost robotic tone​

  • difficulty breaking words into syllables

  • sounding out words and can't hear the word they sounded out

  • decoding words and understanding letter patterns and vowel rules

  • breaking words into sounds

  • rhyme

  • connecting letters to sounds and vice-versa

  • recognizing the same word from page to page

  • cannot comprehend what they read

If your child shows any of these characteristics, I can help!

I provide reading instruction that is based upon a diagnostic, multisensory, systematic, and explicit approach called Orton-Gillingham. 

Give your child the help they need to be a confident, skilled reader!

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