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Orton-Gillingham Approach to Help Students Struggling with Reading or with Dyslexia

2 weeks (4-day camp) in Fort Collins, CO

Starting on July 26th- August 5th

Emphasis on Phonics Instruction Using a Multisensory Approach

Scroll down to read more about the different levels offered for Incoming 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Graders

Summer Camp: Welcome
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The Super Reader Camp is designed for students entering 1st - 3rd grade who struggle with reading and spelling, or are identified with dyslexia.

Is your child ready to have some fun and improve literacy skills?

This class is based on a multisensory approach (Orton-Gillingham) that provides students with strategies they can use to improve their reading and spelling.

Come build a love of reading while playing with shaving cream, sand, chalk, etc and work on varied reading skills (phonological awareness, phonics, sight words).

Materials and access to online activities are included!

This summer camp is designed for students that need to brush up on the skills needed to read and spell at their grade level. If your student is significantly behind grade level, additional 1:1 tutoring sessions are recommended.

COVID 19 guidelines will be followed. 

Register today for the July session below!

Any questions? Reach out to Mrs. Carlson (970) 581-3176 

If the number of students needed to have the class is not reached, the camp may move to Mrs. Carlson's home or might need to be canceled. You will receive a full reimbursement if it's canceled. 

Summer Camp: About
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Summer Camp: Bookings
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